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Cash Prospect

Innovative company which main activity is investment in Blockchain technology

and the main cryptocurrencies, such as

Harmonious team

An experienced team of traders, analysts, economists, risk managers and programmers

The first of its kind!

Now we have established business processes for our goal achievement

Farm capacity exceeds в 23 PH/s

Own cryptocurrency mine in China

We are striving to become a leading company

Become a part of the

Cash Prospect

of successful team and earn together with us


About us

Our company, Cash Prospect, is engaged in the cryptocurrencies mining and investments in Blockchain technology as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century, and achieved high results in own activities.

We are the only investment platform which has successfully growing business, founded by professionals’ team.

Our organization has a powerful cryptocurrency mine right now, but we are going to achieve new goals.

Our company is engaged in increasing its capacity, expanding its activities and is ready to provide mutually beneficial cooperation. Each investor has the opportunity to successfully invest their financial resources.

Many investors do not use great ideas because of the lack of time for analyzing the information flow and choose the right strategy for personal investments management.

Our experience gives investors the opportunity to receive additional income from investing their savings in our company.

It's time to invest for one single goal: business development and joining the world arena!


Our advantages

Cryptocurrencies mine in China
Harmonious team
Official company
Maximum protection level
Opportunity to for all

Investment offers

Deposits for 60 days

Early closing of the Deposit is possible after 30 days with the payment of a Commission of 15%

Deposits for 90 days

Early closing of the Deposit is possible after 45 days with the payment of 10 Commission%
Join the international team.

Currency quotation

Affiliate program


We offer you to get the additional income without an active deposit. Invite your friends and acquaintances and earn with a three-tier affiliate program.